Become our agency partner and deliver content services to our customers.

Become our partner

StoryChief has two types of customers

  1. Content professionals like you
  2. Companies and internal marketing teams from different brands

If you are making use of our partner program you are able to offer your services to our customers from the second segment. We've done our customer research and found out that a majority of these companies need support in order to succeed in their content marketing strategies.

Join our Agency Partner Program to create a new revenue stream and to grow your business along with us!

What services do our clients look for?

  • Strategy. You'll be helping our customers to define a long term content strategy based on customer audit, SEO topics research, competition research.
  • Execution. Sometimes customers will need help with the execution of the strategic plan you or someone else have created. Writing articles, social media posts, creating videos, etc.
  • Editorial work. Some brands need very in-depth, niche content. They'll submit their outlines and your job is to make it readable for regular humans, optimizing content for SEO, and providing visuals to make it attractive.
  • PR. Writing press releases and/or pitching journalists

What's in it for you?

  • Extra revenue source.
  • Working with customers from different parts of the world
  • Brand Awareness, we'll market your brand through our channels

How it works

  • Submit your partnership request. Note: you must be a StoryChief agency customer to be eligible for the program.
  • We'll get in touch for a short interview
  • We'll promote you through our marketplace
  • Once an order from a customer comes in and it fits your profile, we'll contact you.
  • Once the client approves your work, we'll release the escrow and transfer the funds.