Discover The Content Scheduler
for Webflow

Plan, collaborate, publish and measure content across platforms – all from one place

StoryChief for Webflow
Direct scheduling
Autopublish your content directly to Webflow and socials
Review content quality and branding before hitting publish
SEO assistance & AI
Create better content, and outrank your competitors
Content analytics
Grow your reach, engagement, and sales

Save time publishing your content to all your marketing channels

Create content campaigns that are tailored to each channel. Publish articles to your Webflow sites, create social posts and promote content through employees.

Marketing Calendar

Reduce re-writes & save hours in the editing process

Approval flows, revisions, and comments to speed up your review & feedback processes. Bring your team together when you organise, plan and produce content.

Employee Advocacy

Create great content 50x faster with AI

StoryChief AI Power Mode helps with content inspiration and assistance in writing, rewriting, optimizing, translating, and summarizing captivating copy.

AI power mode

Attract more visitors with our SEO Assistant

Ensure you publish content that will be found on search engines and that will engage your audience. Your writers don't have to know every aspect of SEO, we provide them with actionable and easy to apply tips.

SEO Copywriting

Fill your calendar with content that works

Check which types of content resonate with your audience the most. You can track their performance by generating reports from real-time data.

Anayltics & Reporting

Using StoryChief, we can easily manage our content as a team. We clearly see all of our upcoming content and measure the results of our campaigns all in one place.

Victoria Sweeney Director of Marketing

Employee Advocacy


How to get started?

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Can I connect my existing Webflow site to StoryChief?

Yes! Curious? Connect your Webflow site now and take StoryChief for a spin.

How many Webflow sites can I connect to StoryChief?

Unlimited! We also offer unique features for agencies allowing them to manage clients more efficiently.

What’s the added value of the StoryChief and Webflow integration?

StoryChief centralises the process of editorial teams and social media managers so they can collaborate better, distribute their content faster and measure multi channel content performance in one place. StoryChief connects to your Webflow sites, Social media channels, DAM and CRM systems. It has a lot of powerful features to improve the quality of your content, save time and increase content reach.

Okay, so what can StoryChief offer me as a Webflow customer?

You'll get access to the best content marketing platform that includes a content calendar, social media management, collaboration & review flow, SEO assistant, content insights, and Media library. Allowing you to directly schedule to your Webflow sites and Social media channels.

What languages are supported?

The main interface of StoryChief is in English, however, the platform supports over 35 languages and dialects for publishing stories, and social media posts.

Is support included?

Yes – all of our plans come with awesome support, including live chat. We're actually very proud of the feedback we receive from our clients and our 97% Customer Happiness Rating.

We're a startup. Can you offer us a discounted subscription?

Depending on your needs and circumstances, we may be able to work out a discounted subscription option for young businesses. Get in touch to discuss :)

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