Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

7 steps to create a solid content marketing strategy

What are content operations?

A combination of processes, people, and technologies to plan, produce, distribute and examine your content strategy.

So, what does this mean?

If a content operation process is accurately implemented, it can make sure the content you create covers all stages of the buying process of your product and unites the entire customer experience across all your company's divisions and channels.

This leaves the opportunity to focus on creating unique content that can boost growth and revenue.

What do the numbers say?

According to a recent study, only a small percentage of content marketers are involved in their business' content operations.


Lead Generation

20% of content creators don't know if their organization met lead generation goals.


Marketing Revenue

32% of content creators weren't sure if they met marketing revenue goals.


Organizational Alignment

Only 42% had visibility into how content aligns to organizational priorities.

The Benefits of Content Operations

Saves Time Icon

Saves Time

By optimizing your content operations workflow, you'll save tons of time and money for your organization.

Increases Quality Icon

Increases Quality

Aligning your content operations means more clarity in messaging for your target audience.

Brand Consistency Icon

Brand Consistency

Content operations unifies your brand message across all communication platforms.

Team Collaboration Icon

Team collaboration

Content operations allows you to streamline the customer experience in every stage of the buyers journey.

Promote Icon

Promote what matters

Once the big picture is clear, content operations allow you to get your message out there, much faster.

Evaluation Icon

Ease of Evaluation

Build on real insights from your content operations and improve your workflow as you go.

Getting Started With Content Operations

There are three key elements to start implementing content operations within your organization.

Strategic Alignment Icon

Strategic alignment

You need to make sure that your content marketing strategy aligns with your overall business strategy and business priorities.

Collaboration Icon

Cross-departmental collaboration

By making the content accessible and visible to everyone in the company, everyone is on the same page which allows you to streamline the customer experience across all teams.

Impact Icon

Impactful insights

Make sure you analyze the impact of your content from a target audience perspective. Use these insights down the road to create meaningful content for your audience.

Step 1:
Define your strategy.

Create a clear strategy you want to follow, plan out goals that you want to achieve with this strategy, and define your target audience to achieve the goals of your content operations.

Not sure how to get started with your strategy? Here's a handy checklist you might want to check out.


Step 2:
Create great content

Content operations are meant to improve your customers' experience during the whole buyer journey. Make sure to have regular meetings with all departments to see how you can improve that experience with great content.


Step 3:
Spread the word

Streamlining your distribution processes ensures sthat your messaging stays consistent across all communication platforms. This way, your brand message will be the same no matter where your customer is in their buyer's journey.


Step 4:
Build on insights

Your content operations are only as good as the lessons you can learn from them. Make sure to regularly review the performance of your content operations and improve where possible. This allows you to create an effective workflow that also creates impact for your organization.


The right processes + the right people + the right strategy + the right tools = content operations that allow your team to thrive, not just survive.

What To Look For In A Content Operations Software Tool?

Content Collaboration Icon

Content Collaboration

You'll need a tool that allows you to work together with team members, guest writers, or freelancers.

SEO Icon

Search Engine Optimization

If you're serious about your content, SEO should be one of your top priorities. Don't forget to check that box as well!

Calendar Icon

Content Calendar

Your content operations need to be ongoing every day of the week. A content calendar will help you get that birds-eye view of what's going out.

Promotion Icon

Content Promotion

Your message needs to be spread. That's why you should be looking for a tool that'll also help you distribute your content across multiple platforms at once.

Automation Icon

Workflow Automation

Forget about low-impact manual tasks. Your next content operations software tool should allow you to automate these tasks and to focus on creating impact.

Insights Icon

Content Insights

Transcribing the voice-over and the titles in the video. Synchronizing the subtitles and the video.

Tools that will help you succeed

Keyword and content research

Planning and Strategy

Creating and distributing content

Capturing and managing leads


Good Luck!

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