How StoryChief transformed on- and offline content management at AZ Delta hospital

This story highlights the challenges of managing content across multiple platforms in healthcare. By using StoryChief, AZ Delta streamlines workflows, ensuring efficient content distribution to over 400 outlets and improving internal and external communication.

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For me, StoryChief is essentially an additional colleague who ensures that the various content is collected, distributed, and reaches its target audience.
Lowie Beirnaert
Communication Officer

Lowie Beirnaert, a communication specialist at AZ Delta and AZ hospitals, grappled with the daunting task of managing diverse content creation needs across multiple channels. From publishing doctors' magazines to disseminating news updates, Lowie sought a solution that could streamline their workflows and improve communication both internally and externally. This led him to discover StoryChief, a versatile content marketing platform that offered solutions beyond magazine creation and press management.

The team at AZ Delta encountered several challenges in their content creation and distribution processes. Navigating through numerous email exchanges led to confusion and version control issues. Coordinating with various stakeholders for content approval and dissemination proved time-consuming. Ensuring timely and accurate delivery of information to both internal teams and external audiences was challenging.

All-in-one solution for efficient content management

I use StoryChief for various purposes. On one hand, to publish content on social media via a platform. On the other hand, also to post news articles on the website, but also as a sort of editorial board for our doctors' magazines. That's a plus. We actually gather all the content there and then use it to publish our Doctors Magazine. On the other hand, we also use it to send information, both internally and externally. Internally, it is used, for example, to send job vacancies to departments, and externally, for example, for press releases about news articles and then forwarding them to the press.

StoryChief provided a centralized platform for content creation, editing, and distribution, eliminating the need for cumbersome email exchanges. Integrated email notifications and campaigns streamlined communication among team members, ensuring everyone stayed updated on project progress and deadlines. The platform's multi-channel distribution capabilities facilitated seamless dissemination of content to internal departments, external stakeholders and the press.

I think the ambassador function is very interesting for us, especially towards the outside world. If there is a news article that is interesting for, for example, the medical press or for the regional press, then we can forward it to the right target group with just one click

Effective distribution and better engagement with target audiences

Lowie witnessed tangible improvements across their communication and content creation processes. Enhanced collaboration among team members, as everyone could access the latest version of content in one centralized location. Significant time savings due to streamlined workflows, enabling faster turnaround times for content creation and distribution. Improved communication with external stakeholders, resulting in more effective distribution of information and better engagement with target audiences.

StoryChief has revolutionized how we manage our communication efforts. Not only has it streamlined our magazine creation process, but it has also improved our overall content management and distribution workflows. With StoryChief, we can now communicate more effectively both within our organization and with external partners, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of information.

From publishing doctors' magazines to distributing news updates, StoryChief emerged as a versatile solution that empowered them to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve communication across various channels.

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