How CrossCast improved content management with StoryChief, saving time, and driving client satisfaction

Meet Remi Maddens, Owner at CrossCast, a talent pool of marketing and communication specialists. As a niche-focused organization, CrossCast thrives on efficiency. Remi shares how they found a perfect ally in StoryChief to streamline their content marketing endeavors.

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StoryChief just clicked with how we work. The tool resonated with our need for efficiency, aligning perfectly with our approach to content marketing.
Remi Maddens
Owner at CrossCast

CrossCast, a talent pool of marketing specialists, sought a solution to optimize their content creation process. With StoryChief, they experienced a significant reduction in time spent on content creation, from briefing to distribution and measurement.

StoryChief helps you bring together different people, different channels, different moments, all on the same page.

Efficiency gains and effective collaboration

One of the standout features for Cross Cast was the platform's ability to facilitate effective collaboration while maintaining a strong focus on their niche. StoryChief empowered them to generate more output with less effort, a crucial factor in their continued success.

What I really appreciate about StoryChief, and why we still use it today and actively promote it to our clients, is that I felt a strong connection with how you view content marketing and how we view the market. I think we're both looking for efficiency gains. How can we efficiently handle everything from creation, concept, production, distribution, and measurement?

What truly set StoryChief apart was the strong connection Cross Cast felt with its approach to content marketing. It resonated deeply with their own strategies and goals, making it a natural fit for their team.

Saving time and money

Since adopting StoryChief, Cross Cast has seen remarkable improvements in their workflow. The time it takes to create, distribute, and measure content has been significantly reduced, resulting in tangible financial savings for their organization.

So when you consider how many hours it takes to create a post from briefing to distribution and measurement, I think it's about one-fifth of the time we used to spend. So that's definitely a financial advantage.

By leveraging StoryChief, CrossCast aligned their content initiatives with client goals, driving measurable results and solidifying their position as trusted partners in the industry.

And most of our clients? They use content to achieve certain organizational objectives. Having all of that in one environment speeds up the process significantly.

In essence, StoryChief has become an indispensable tool for Cross Cast, enabling them to achieve their objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness. They're proud to not only use it themselves but also to actively promote it to their clients, confident in the value it brings to any content-driven endeavor.

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