How StoryChief became the single source of truth for all content marketing operations at iProv

iProv faced a familiar struggle: content management inefficiency. Collaboration became a bottleneck as their remote team juggled multiple versions in Google Docs. SEO optimization within Google Docs was lacking. WordPress demanded technical expertise that their non-technical team members didn't possess. Then, they discovered StoryChief, all-in-one content marketing platform.

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We are spending less time creating, and more time thinking strategically for our clients. We do this at a reduced cost, boosting profit and client satisfaction.
Patrick Laughlin
CEO at iProv

iProv, a digital-first marketing agency, specializes in high-level strategy and content production, with a strong foothold in the nonprofit sector.

Powerful collaborative and publishing features

StoryChief not only streamlined content creation but also facilitated seamless collaboration. Everything became centralized, eliminating the need to hop between various platforms and tools.

Non-technical team members found a new role in publishing, and collaboration with clients became a breeze. For them, it's easy to give feedback on content and approve posts.

StoryChief became the single source of truth for our marketing efforts. We like to call it the one-click-wonder, because everything is about a click away.

Single source of truth for all things marketing

With StoryChief, iProv's podcast, email workflows, and social media activities harmoniously coexisted within a single content calendar. They no longer needed to jump between various tools; everything found its home in one platform.

What's more, StoryChief offered a level of flexibility that traditional tools like Asana or spreadsheets couldn't match.

Everything stays in one tool. You don't have to go outside of StoryChief, use different tools. Everything is more centralized.

Planning ahead means staying ahead

Today, iProv's content marketing journey is smoother than ever. They plan a year's content, build robust content calendars, and execute their strategy with precision.

We plan a year at a time, working closely with our clients to define a clear focus. Once the content calendar is set and approved, everything flows seamlessly from StoryChief.

Harnessing the power of data

But iProv's journey with StoryChief goes beyond just efficiency. It's a story of data-informed decisions.

StoryChief's analytics have become their guide, helping them and their clients find the path to success. Empowered by data-backed insights, iProv now offers their clients recommendations grounded in facts, not guesswork.

We're able to make better suggestions to our clients about where they need to be focusing next. It allows us to be a little bit more flexible.

iProv's experience with StoryChief is proof of how a unified content creation and management platform can significantly impact efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance content production capabilities.

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