Modo Energy's lead generation and organic traffic skyrocketed with StoryChief

Tim Overton, the CTO of Modo Energy, shares the remarkable impact of StoryChief on their content marketing strategy, leading to a significant increase in lead generation for their data visualization services in the energy industry.

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Since we've started pushing content and using StoryChief, we've seen a real big uptake in lead generation. It's been really surprising actually. I kind of thought there'd be an uptake, but I was impressed at how big a difference it was.
Tim Overton
CTO at Modo Energy

The importance of content marketing for Modo Energy

Tim emphasizes the critical role of content for Modo Energy, a company that provides data and insights to the energy industry in Great Britain. While their core offering involves data and software, they recognized the need for a compelling narrative to accompany their services.

Content marketing is huge. We've only really actually started to see an uptake in our sales once we started to do content marketing properly.

Modo Energy leverages StoryChief to streamline their content management. Tim highlights the seamless integration of StoryChief into their content pipeline, enabling them to manage all content effectively from a single platform.

Being able to manage all of your content pipeline in one place with a relatively easy-to-use API has been really powerful for us.

User-friendly content creation and implementation

One of StoryChief's distinguishing features is its user-friendly interface, as Tim points out. It allows content creators to visualize their content as they write, offering a more intuitive experience compared to other, less user-friendly systems.

What sets StoryChief apart for me is its UX and UI. It lets you visualize your content as you write – it's like having a real-time preview of how your content will appear when it's published.

Tim highlights the simplicity and speed of implementing StoryChief within their content workflow. It took them just a couple of hours to go from the initial introduction to full implementation. The clean interface and straightforward guidance make it a hassle-free tool for their team.

As a tool, StoryChief has been so easy to use that we've been able to push out content a lot more regularly. We've definitely seen a lot more traffic.

Boosting LinkedIn presence, reach and visibility

Modo Energy's presence on LinkedIn has grown substantially since they started using StoryChief. The seamless integration with LinkedIn and other social platforms has contributed to their content's increased reach and visibility.

Our presence on LinkedIn, specifically our ability to seamlessly share content directly through StoryChief, has experienced significant growth since we adopted the platform.

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