Raccoons leverages StoryChief to propel their content marketing and innovate in the tech world

Seeking to amplify their digital voice in the tech industry, Raccoons adopted StoryChief, transforming their content marketing from fragmented to streamlined, and significantly boosting their online visibility and audience engagement.

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We've had about 90k views and 30k reads, which is awesome because they're finally finding our content.
Daphné Vermeiren
Marketing Manager at Raccoons

Raccoons, a technology group with a keen focus on innovation and disruptive technology, has found a way to streamline their content marketing, ensuring their expertise is shared widely and effectively.

With StoryChief, they’ve not only automated their content marketing process but also significantly boosted their traffic, reaching new heights in their digital presence.

Streamlining content marketing with StoryChief

Daphné Vermeiren, Marketing Manager at Raccoons, and her team were no strangers to the challenges of content marketing in a tech-driven environment.

Prior to StoryChief, they navigated through various platforms, each lacking in providing a comprehensive package, resulting in a fragmented and labor-intensive content marketing process involving manual scheduling on Facebook and utilizing Google Docs.

When we started using StoryChief, our content marketing process became automated

The transition to StoryChief marked a pivotal shift in how Raccoons managed their content, moving from a disjointed and time-consuming process to a streamlined, efficient, and automated system.

From weeks to days: accelerating content production

The impact of StoryChief on Raccoons' content production timeline was profound. What used to linger for weeks – from content creation to content publishing – was now transformed into a swift process, culminating in a finished product within days.

This acceleration not only facilitated a more dynamic and responsive content strategy but also ensured that Raccoons’ insights and innovations in the tech world were shared promptly and effectively.

"So instead of having our blogs lie around for weeks, we could go to a finished product in a matter of days," Daphné highlights, underscoring the enhanced agility and responsiveness in their content marketing since adopting StoryChief.

A surge in organic traffic: 90k views and 30k reads

The results speak for themselves. With StoryChief, Raccoons experienced a substantial surge in their digital traffic, amassing approximately 90k views and 30k reads. This wasn’t merely a testament to the compelling and insightful content they produced but also a reflection of the amplified reach and visibility facilitated by StoryChief’s robust platform.

Daphné expresses her enthusiasm: "They're finally finding our content," indicating a successful bridging of the gap between Raccoons’ rich expertise and their target audience, ensuring their insights in disruptive technology and innovation are accessed and appreciated by a wider audience.

Continuous improvement: a platform that evolves

One of the standout qualities of StoryChief, as highlighted by Daphné, is the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and evolution. This aligns seamlessly with Raccoons’ own ethos of leading and exploring new ways of thinking about modern technologies and services.

"What I like about StoryChief is that the platform is constantly being improved," Daphné notes, appreciating the platform’s dynamic nature which ensures that their content marketing strategy is not only effective today but continues to be optimized for the future.

In a world where new technologies and buzzwords emerge daily, Raccoons has successfully harnessed the power of StoryChief to ensure their voice, expertise, and insights are not lost in the digital abyss but are propelled forward, reaching and engaging their audience effectively and efficiently.

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