How StoryChief empowers Salesflare's entire team and CEO to create and publish content

At Salesflare, delivering valuable content is a core focus. However, the hours spent crafting each piece before StoryChief were a considerable drain on valuable time. Thanks to StoryChief, this process is now streamlined into 15 minutes, allows for easier collaboration, and empowers CEOs to create content within a straightforward interface.

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At Salesflare, we publish around two pieces of content per week, and before using StoryChief, this took us hours per piece of content and now it takes us about 15 minutes.
Jeroen Corthout
Co-founder & CEO at Salesflare

At Salesflare, publishing valuable content takes center stage. Before embracing StoryChief, crafting each piece of content consumed hours of valuable time. Now, thanks to StoryChief, this process has been reduced to a mere 15 minutes.

Meet Jeroen, the co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, an automated CRM trusted by thousands of agencies globally.

A collaborative hub for effortless feedback

StoryChief's true strength lies in its collaborative features. For Jeroen and his colleagues, drafting articles is no longer a solitary task. StoryChief serves as a centralized platform where feedback can be efficiently organized.

With StoryChief, we can organize feedback easily within the team. Comments can be on the copy itself, of course, but they can also involve the way it's going to be shared in the end.

Simplifying publishing and distribution

The significant transformation is evident in the meticulous publishing and distribution process. Ensuring correctness across various platforms and efficient distribution on social media is no longer a difficult task. StoryChief brings all these aspects under one roof. The Salesflare team can now effortlessly review content and decide when to publish it live or schedule it for future release.

What we gained mostly on was checking whether everything was done correctly, posting on all different channels on which we place our articles, and also distributing it on social media.

Empowering CEOs and streamlining administrative tasks

Who said creating content is only for content marketers? CEOs like Jeroen can now actively participate in the content marketing process. Jeroen, as the CEO, can input content himself and click 'publish,' ushering in a new era of efficiency and empowerment.

With StoryChief, I don't even need a content marketer to take care of all the administrative tasks. I can just, as a CEO, put the content in there myself and press publish.

Embrace the future of content marketing

If your content marketing processes are still entangled in the archaic web of Google Sheets and Google Docs, it's time to embrace the future. Follow in Salesflare's footsteps and discover the transformative potential of StoryChief. Efficiency, collaboration, and success await.

If you're still organizing your content marketing the prehistoric way with Google Sheets and Google Docs, then certainly give StoryChief a try.

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