How So Yes thrives through easy content creation, SEO support, and content management

The "So Yes" brand, known for its stylish adaptive clothing, overcame the challenge of boosting website traffic and connecting with their audience through StoryChief, a user-friendly content platform that transformed their digital marketing approach.

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Since we started using StoryChief, we have seen an increase in traffic, and we can easily see which blogs are catching on, and how we can best continue working.
Sofie Ternest
Founder at So Yes

So Yes, a brand renowned for its fashionable clothing tailored to individuals with physical disabilities, operates primarily through its webshop. The challenge was to attract more visitors to their website and develop a content marketing strategy that would effectively connect with their target audience.

They needed an easy-to-use content creation and distribution platform that could streamline their content marketing efforts. StoryChief turned out to be their answer, providing a user-friendly solution for their needs.

It is nice that even for people without an IT background, we can work very smoothly with the platform. StoryChief is really user-friendly.

Navigating the content journey

Starting a content marketing strategy can be daunting, especially when you're new to the game. How do you set up a blog that resonates with your audience? How do you ensure that your content marketing efforts are on track? StoryChief made this journey simple for So Yes, allowing them to dive into content creation instantly thanks to a personal onboarding and quick support.

SEO support and guidance

With StoryChief, So Yes began executing their content marketing strategy with ease. They could write their content while receiving real-time suggestions to enhance their SEO and readability scores. This dynamic feedback loop ensured that their content was not only informative but also optimized for accessibility and search engine visibility.

Easy content management and scheduling

Creating a substantial amount of content requires efficient organization. Thanks to StoryChief's easy-to-use content calendar, So Yes effortlessly managed and scheduled their posts. This feature alleviated the burden of content planning, allowing them to focus on creating content that truly matters.

Social media growth on autopilot

After crafting a story, So Yes seamlessly created and scheduled posts for their social media channels. This automation streamlined their social media presence, ensuring that their audience remained engaged and informed. StoryChief made it possible to reach their audience without the need for constant manual updates.

High performing blog posts

Effective marketing strategies rely on data analysis to gauge success. StoryChief provided So Yes with valuable insights, highlighting which blog articles and social media posts hit the mark and which needed adjustment. This data-driven approach ensured that every effort was optimized for success.

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