StoryChief streamlines content creation and amplifies online presence for Wing Assistant

Seeking to streamline content creation and distribution with a lean team and limited resources, Wing Assistant adopted StoryChief, enabling efficient collaboration with internal and external writers, and enhancing their ability to produce and publish quality content across various platforms with just a few clicks.

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StoryChief has not only streamlined our content creation process but also enhanced our ability to collaborate, track, and analyze our content’s performance across various platforms.
Roland Polzin
Co-Founder and CMO, Wing Assistant

Wing Assistant, a Berkeley-based internet marketplace platform, specializes in providing top-tier remote talent to SMBs, startups, and executives, tackling tasks from social media management and executive assistance to data entry and sales calling. With a team of 501-1,000 employees, Wing has become a pivotal player in the virtual assistance space since its inception in 2018. However, managing content creation and distribution efficiently across various digital channels posed a significant challenge for the growing company.

Streamlining content creation with StoryChief

Before StoryChief, Wing Assistant grappled with managing content creation and distribution with a small team and limited resources. The need for a platform that could seamlessly integrate content creation, collaboration, and distribution processes was palpable.

Roland Polzin, Co-Founder and CMO of Wing, shared, “We were looking for software that could help us streamline those content processes.” StoryChief emerged as a solution, enabling their writers and third-party contributors to collaborate, create, and publish content across all social media channels efficiently, all from a single platform.

Enhancing collaboration and third-party involvement

Wing Assistant leverages StoryChief to facilitate smooth collaboration among internal writers and external contributors. The platform allows third parties to contribute as guests, enabling the internal content team to refine and publish the content seamlessly.

The ability to have my writer create on there, have third parties use our same StoryChief account as a guest, contribute to the same article, and then my writer can go in and publish it from the same platform on all our social media channels in basically a couple of clicks - that's just saving a lot of time for us.

Maximizing output with limited resources

With budget constraints and a focus on long-term strategies, Wing Assistant sought to maximize output with available resources. StoryChief enabled their content manager to efficiently manage processes that would typically require two or three individuals, thereby optimizing resource utilization.

Having only really one person in charge of content in my department, who can then interact with other third-party writers, with our designer, and do that all centralized, really enables her to do the job that typically two or three people would do.

Driving traffic and engaging audiences

Wing Assistant has observed a notable increase in website traffic since implementing StoryChief, attributing this to the enhanced quality and quantity of content produced as a result of time saved during the creation and publishing processes. The platform has allowed the content team to focus more on crafting relevant, high-quality content that resonates with their audience, thereby driving engagement and traffic.

Organic traffic
The more time my writer or my content manager saves on actually creating the content and publishing the content, the more she can focus on putting in quality work and really getting more content out there that's relevant for our audience.

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