WinWinner saves valuable time on crowdfunding campaigns and increases investments exponentially

StoryChief has been invaluable in WinWinner's crowdfunding transformation, saving them valuable hours with each campaign and driving an exponential increase in investments.

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With StoryChief, we save 20 hours on campaign management every week, and we see an exponential increase in the number of investments secured.
Kasper Vancoppenolle
Partner and CMO at WinWinner

In the realm of crowdfunding platforms, WinWinner stands out for its mission to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors in pursuit of promising opportunities. Kasper reveals how StoryChief has been an instrumental asset in revolutionizing their approach.

Kasper, a Partner at WinWinner, emphasizes the transformative impact of StoryChief on their crowdfunding campaigns:

With StoryChief, we've witnessed a significant transformation in our campaign management. We estimate that we save around four hours for each campaign, and we launch approximately five campaigns every week. This translates into a tremendous time-saving for our team.

From scattered tools to unified collaboration and publication

"We used Google Docs, but we noticed that it was not really user-friendly. We had to use a lot of different tools and combine them."

StoryChief entered the scene as the solution WinWinner needed. This innovative platform allowed them to merge collaboration and publication seamlessly within a centralized tool.

Once they obtained approval from entrepreneurs to publish their campaigns, it became effortless to distribute content across various platforms and channels. These channels encompassed social media, newsletters, and their Webflow website.

Kasper highlights the transformation facilitated by StoryChief:

After we get approval from the entrepreneur to publish their campaign, it's really easy to publish the content on all of the different platforms and channels that we have.

Bridging the Gap with Webflow and MailChimp

While WinWinner held Webflow in high regard as a product, there were optimization gaps, particularly for blog posts and campaign distribution. They needed a solution that could unify all these channels in one place.

Additionally, WinWinner manages a vast database of investors in MailChimp, their mailing tool. In the past, they had to manually publish newsletters after launching campaigns on their Webflow site. StoryChief has simplified this process, enabling them to publish and send newsletters to their entire investor database in one go.

Exponential increase in the number of investments secured

The results of StoryChief's integration into WinWinner's operations have been nothing short of remarkable. They've witnessed an exponential increase in the number of investments secured, a testament to the effectiveness of their content marketing strategy.

Kasper and WinWinner highly recommend StoryChief to anyone involved in content creation and distribution who seeks to save time and achieve outstanding results. It has undoubtedly become an integral part of their workflow, empowering them to make crowdfunding campaigns more efficient and productive.

I can recommend StoryChief to everyone who's creating and distributing content and wants to save time.

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