What our clients say about us


"As an agency, I would definitely recommend using StoryChief to centralize, optimize, and publish your content. And above all, it's a tool that is enjoyable to work in."

Thomas Klein
Head of Digital



Bridgeneers is a communication agency specializing in working with clients that try to make a difference. This way, the team at Bridgeneers is helping the world to become a better place.

For one of their clients in the tourist industry, Vlaanderen Vakantieland, they were in need of a centralized content hub to bring together 20+ partners and editors together to create, edit and publish their stories.

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"The content process for this client was very inefficient. It took over a month, plus there was a whole lot of going back and forth through email with Word files, different versions, and eventually, we had to do a separate SEO check that made the process even more difficult."

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How we helped


Imagine having a team of 30+ people to coordinate with. Those are a lot of different tools to switch between!

Bridgeneers knew this could process could be more efficient and they contacted StoryChief to streamline this workflow. Here's what we did.

  • Creating a more efficient workflow
    Briefing the team members and working together on different articles at the same time all happened in our in-app editor.
  • Automating their content publishing
    Once a piece of content got the final approval from the editor-in-chief, the team could schedule posts ahead of time in only a few clicks.
  • Making SEO a no-brainer
    No need for third party SEO applications. Our native SEO Optimizer helped them to create content that's written for people and optimized for search engines.

With StoryChief, we found a solution to bring 20 partners, editors, and our agency together to promote local travel in Belgium. We were able to keep everything centralized.