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Meet Roger

"Our outreach has increased with 30% since we've been using StoryChief for our content marketing."

Cédric Vercauteren
Meet Roger
Meet Roger


Meet Roger

Meet Roger is a Belgian startup that helps companies to streamline their internal corporate communication. As communication experts themselves, they know how important a solid multi-channel presence is for companies nowadays.

That's why they went looking for a content marketing tool that allowed them to work together on content and to publish it across multiple channels, all in a few clicks.

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The biggest pain of our content marketing process was the manual aspect: organizing everything in tools like Excel and Notion to then publish it on social media.

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How we helped

Meet Roger

Sharing your knowledge and expertise through content marketing can take a lot of effort. Meet Roger wanted to automate their whole content marketing process in order to become a true thought leader online.

With StoryChief, they did just that. By using our software, they spent less time on the content creation process while seeing a 30% increase in effectivity of their content.

Meet Roger
  • Automate your content marketing process
    Instead of having to do everything manually in various platforms, Meet Roger can now write and schedule their content ahead of time.
  • Grow your online reach
    Executing a content marketing strategy is only effective when you get high return on investment. Since Meet Roger started using StoryChief, they've seen a 30% increase in their online reach.
  • Spend less time creating content
    The marketing team at Meet Roger used to spend a lot of time creating content. Now they can ask approval and publish the story to their most relevant channels with only a few clicks.

I would recommend StoryChief to other B2B companies. It will not only make your life easier, but it will definitely give your outreach a boost!