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"We needed both a collaboration and publishing tool. StoryChief streamlined our workflow, it became such a time saver for us!"

Kasper Vancoppenolle
Partner & CMO



WinWinner is a crowdlending platform that brings an alternative form of financing to companies with growth potential. This way they are supporting ambitious entrepreneurs in Belgium to fulfill their financing needs.

To streamline their content creation process, WinWinner was looking for an all-in-one application that could manage the process from content creation to content distribution.

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"We used to do it in a very old school way. We used Google Docs, but we noticed that it was not really user-friendly."

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How we helped


The content creation process at WinWinner was tedious. There were a lot of tools they needed to switch from and distribution took up a lot of their valuable time.

Now, their process is streamlined within one application and they push out content faster than ever before.

  • Reaching more people = receiving more funding
    Thanks to a streamlined content distribution process, WinWinner was able to reach more people with their content marketing. And with that, get more people to invest in their projects.
  • Fully automated content calendar to save more time
    Creating content is one thing, but sharing it on autopilot is a dream for most content marketers. Our content calendar helped them to free more time and create more qualitative content for their audience.
  • Better collaboration and better communication
    When you're working together on multiple campaigns at the same time, having a clear communication is essential to make things work. StoryChief helped to streamline the collaboration between the marketing team and their guest writers.

By using StoryChief, we probably save four hours for every campaign and we launch maybe five campaigns every week, so it saves us a lot of time.