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StoryChief vs Oktopost

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Supported social media platforms
Social media and content management
Social media management platform
Supported content publishing platforms
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page, LinkedIn Personal Profile, Google My Business
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn Company Page, YouTube, Whatsapp
Cloud storage & DAM integrations
Wordpress, API, Drupal, Webflow, Hubspot, Sitecore, Shopify, Joomla, Ghost,...
Multi channel publishing to Social Media and CMS
Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Bynder, Canto, Cloudinary
Team collaboration and workflows
Marketing calendar
Analyze performance across all channels
Writing suggestions (SEO)
Writing assistant (AI Power Mode)
Employee advocacy
Public API
Easy of use / adoption
Free setup and onboarding + StoryChief Academy
Hard to fully understand the entire service, going through training webinars is most likely needed
Pricing: Cost per user
22.5 $ / month
24 $ / month

Why choose StoryChief's Content Marketing platform?

StoryChief was built from the ground up to provide the modern way to work on content. Content planning, social media, SEO copywriting, insights, and more. Empowering content teams with the best in class content marketing platform.

Content Calendar

See the big picture in one marketing calendar

Organize and plan the content you publish through your digital marketing channels, all in one calendar. Less chaos, more creativity.

Organize your entire marketing process

Schedule everything in one place

Auto-Publish to all your marketing channels

Content Calendar

Work together seamlessly

Manage an effective content team so you gain back time to focus on the big picture and create new strategies:

Collaboration workflows & feedback loops

Editorial briefs & campaign management

Use contractors to fill the writing and design holes you have

AI power mode

Create great content 50x faster with AI

StoryChief AI Power Mode helps with content inspiration and assistance in writing, rewriting, optimizing, translating, and summarizing captivating copy.

Media Assistant

Book a 30 minute product tour

StoryChief helps organize your marketing. See for yourself how.

Multi-channel publishing

Content flows wherever you need it

We do the hard work by automatically publishing your content to all your social media channels and CMS systems.

Social media integrations

CMS integrations

Integrates with 1000s of other tools

Multi-channel Publishing
Insights & reports

Gather marketing insights and act on it

Get actionable insights from your content and double down on content that works for your audience:

Collaboration workflows & feedback loops

Editorial briefs & campaign management

Use contractors to fill the writing and design holes you have

Insights & Reports

More tools to scale your editorial and content marketing workflow

SEO Assistant

SEO Assistant

Your writers don't have to know every aspect of SEO we provide them actionable and easy to apply tips.

Media Library

Media Library

Save all your photos and videos in one place. Browse and import media files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloudinary, Bynder, and Canto.

Image Editor

Build in Image Editor

Skip the design software. Crop, resize, and colour correcting, or get creative with text, filters, and overlays.

SEO Assistant

AI Power Mode

Activate StoryChief Power Mode to publish content 50x faster and get endless content inspiration.

Easy to implement & connect with the tools you already use

StoryChief Integrations
1000+ integrations

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