How StoryChief transformed Doorloop's content management, automation, and engagement

Doorloop relies on StoryChief to manage, automate, and optimize their content across various platforms, ensuring a steady and engaging flow of information to their audience.

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We've seen some incredible growth over the last year alone, and that's due in no small part to our SEO and our content. StoryChief has been a pivotal tool in this journey.
Maria Barbera
Vice President Marketing, Doorloop

A single platform for content management

When Maria Barbera, Marketing Director at Doorloop, and her team discovered StoryChief, they were navigating through the chaotic and fragmented landscape of content management, juggling various platforms for blogs, social media, and SEO optimization. The need for a unified, comprehensive tool was palpable.

StoryChief was really easy to use, comprehensive, and fairly priced. It was an all-in-one tool that allowed us to manage our social media and blog posting in a single platform, which was exactly what we needed

Automating and simplifying content creation with StoryChief

The team at Doorloop, who are fervent advocates for automation and simplicity, found solace in StoryChief’s ability to streamline and automate much of their content creation process. The platform enabled them to schedule blog posts and social media content well in advance, ensuring a consistent and well-paced content rollout.

StoryChief allowed us to automate so much of our content creation. We're able to see everything together in a few clicks without having to navigate through numerous platforms.

Driving traffic and engagement through optimized content

With a keen eye on growth and audience engagement, Doorloop utilized StoryChief not only as a content management tool but also as a mechanism to optimize their SEO and readability, ensuring their content wasn’t just frequent but also high-quality and engaging.

Organic traffic
We've seen some incredible growth over the last year alone, and that's due in no small part to our SEO and our content," Maria shares, emphasizing the pivotal role that StoryChief has played in driving traffic and engagement through optimized content.

A recommendation for streamlined content management

For companies grappling with the complexities of managing content across various platforms and optimizing SEO, Maria has a straightforward recommendation: "Go for it. StoryChief is a great platform, especially if you're having trouble coordinating all the different platforms and could use a little more help with SEO."

It's amazing how much time you can save having a platform that allows you to do it all in one place. Definitely check it out.

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