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Ensure organic growth with SEO & readability assistant, based on 15+ metrics for search engine optimization.

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Stop wasting time on technical hurdles and focus on writing

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Get actionable insights from your content and double down on content that works for your audience

Get real-time SEO suggestions

Attract more website visitors
Monitor your SEO score and how well your story performs for a set keyword, based on 15+ metrics for search engine optimization.

Engage your readers
Track how well your readers will follow your train of thought with our readability score, based on the Flesch Reading Ease test.

SEO Readability

Distraction free writing

Stop wasting time on technical hurdles and focus on writing: Goodbye bad formatting, complex cms settings, multiple content versions. Hello clean editor, rich media embeds, media library, approval flow.

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Create great content 50x faster with AI

StoryChief AI Power Mode helps with content inspiration and assistance in writing, rewriting, optimizing, translating, and summarizing captivating copy.

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Reduce re-writes & save hours in the editing process

Powerful collaboration features
Approval flows, revisions, and comments to speed up your review & feedback processes. Bring your team together when you organise, plan and produce content.

Editorial briefs
Add editorial briefs to content pieces and make sure your team's on the same page.

Editorial Briefs

Stop copy-pasting and publish directly to your cms

We do the hard work by automatically publishing your content to your CMS. Clean HTML, responsive layout and mobile acceleration (Google AMP).


Automate your SEO settings and save time

Don't waste time on optimizing your story's settings for SEO. StoryChief fills out these fields based on what you've written in your story. The only thing you have to do it to double check and approve it.

Automate SEO

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