What our clients say about us


"I would definitely recommend StoryChief to everyone in the communication world."

Inge Braem
Marketing Manager



Besox is a social secretariat with a soft spot for SMEs. Small and medium-sized enterprises represent 99% of all businesses in the EU, so helping them with all things HR, insurance and finance is crucial.

Because social legislation is under constant change, it is important for Besox to keep their clients up to date. To do so, they wanted to send out relevant information to their customers quickly and proactively.

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I used to spend a long time posting on different channels. Some channels didn't even allow scheduling posts in the future, so I had to do this manually in real-time every time.

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How we helped


Keeping your clients informed with the right content is a very time-consuming task. Especially when you have to post individually on every channel.

Besox needed to automate their content publishing process and wanted to do so intuitively. They found their perfect fit in StoryChief.

  • Sharing content automatically
    The biggest time-saver for Besox was our content calendar: they could schedule content to go out ahead of time instead of publishing manually on all of their channels.
  • Growing their social media presence
    If you want to create an impact with your content, you need to make sure people see your content. With a click of the button, Besox can now post directly to all of their social media channels.
  • Learning to know their audience
    Knowing how many people saw and read your article gives you valuable insight into who your audience is. This allowed Besox to create more relevant content for their target audience.

We think it is very important to score well on Google, and StoryChief helps with that. When entering the text, the platform indicates whether the text is SEO optimized in order to rank higher.