What our clients say about us


"I wonder how much time we gain through StoryChief, but I think we should definitely think in terms of at least 30%"

Stef Dejonghe



Ad-Fundum is an omnichannel communication agency with roots in both traditional and digital media. As an agency, they work closely with their clients to ensure the quality of their campaigns before it gets published both online and offline.

In their content creation process, Ad-Fundum has a collaborative approach to create the right content for their clients. As a result, there is a lot of communication between the different parties involved.

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"Before we discovered StoryChief, we had a more complex workflow. We weren't in control, and neither the client nor we were happy about that."

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How we helped


As a content agency, there are two things you need to focus on: creating the right content for your client and finding the right workflow that helps you to do just that.

That's why Ad-fundum started using StoryChief. They needed to streamline their process to guarantee qualitative content at a high speed for their clients.

  • A streamlined collaboration workflow
    Ad-fundum's internal process had become way too complex. With our collaborative platform, the briefing, comments and approval process has become more intuitive than before.
  • Client approval made easy
    No need to email back and forth with your client. Just invite them to your article and ask for their approval with the click of a button.
  • Focus on quality
    Your content creators should only focus on delivering the best content to your client. Our in-app editor assists them to create content for your audience and for search engines.

We have a much smoother collaboration flow with our clients now. There's also a better approval flow, and it's easier to check things off our list so everyone is happier.